gun leg holster guide

How to select the Right Leg Holster! 

Contrary to the beliefs of some, Leg holsters are a desired requirement for "serious" firearm handlers. Purchasing the best leg holster can be a challenge to beginners however there are some tips that can guide one in holster shopping. Most holsters are specialized for a particular function, however all purchases should have one thing in common.....they should be bought to suit the specific function for which they are intended.

Some of the other common features to observe while shopping for a leg holster are clearly outlined in this article. Leg holsters can be manufactured with either Kyndex/ plastic or leather. The advantages of plastic is that it is not costly and has a slick feature. Plastic leg holsters are fast. They are also easily adjustable depending on the cast which is a term that refers to the angle of the gun in relation to one's body. Plastic leg holsters also have a high level of durability. Synthetic materials ensure cost effectiveness, light weight and wear resistance.

One can decide to either buy ready made plastic holsters that are mainly manufactured in China or have a unique custom made Kyndex leg holsters to suit one's personal preference. Leg holsters can also be made from leather. This is actually the most common material used for these holsters. The first feature to check when purchasing a leg holster made of leather is the tanning quality and the stitching. Leather leg holsters should be maintained as well as any other leather item or accessory. Leather tends to retain moisture and is heavier than synthetic material.

It however smells great to most people and tends to look more traditional and stylish than synthetic leg holsters especially as it ages. Leg holsters can also be made from nylon material. It's versatility makes it compatible with any design of holsters. It is interesting to note that SEAL teams use nylon leg holsters. One has to make sure to buy nylon holsters from reputable dealers since badly constructed nylon holsters can pose a challenge by restraining movement as you draw your firearm. One should make sure to purchase a leg holster that compliments your body type.

Drop-leg holsters are commonly used by security officials since it makes it easy to draw the firearm at rocket speed. An example of a security leg holster is the SPECOPA straight-drop holster. Some holsters such as the Serpa line of leg holsters made by Blackhawk have a similar functionality as security holsters. They have ergonomically placed releases that enhance draw time. They can also be used for other places such as the paddle, the shoulder, the belt, the best and the thigh rig. A cross-draw leg holster is perfectly designed for people who drive alot.

A higher price may point to better construction and durability especially with leather holsters. This one should ensure to treat their purchase as an investment. In conclusion, every leg holster should be capable of securing your weapon when you move and should not add onto the amount of time it takes to draw your firearm. It should be able to conceal your gun. While buying the leg holster, one should first seek professional help from a firearms instructor. One must then practise drawing and re-holstering to ensure that you get the gun leg holster guide.